Wordpress leverandør

Wordpress leverandører i Danmark

Administration af flere WordPress sites
Create new posts or pages on any number of blogs simultaneously.
Clone an entire WordPress blog to a new domain.
Bl.a. med backup og genindstaller funktion: ...

WP backup

Paid backup or maintenance service
VaultPress or BlogVault. ...

Automatic Backups & Restore

Our plugin automatically backs up your site’s data every day in small increments
(Priser fra 9 usd/mrd. 1/3-2017).
Review af BlogVault ...

CMS Commander
Backup og genindstaller funktion: ...

Jetpack, gratis og fra 39 usd/år
Install Jetpack
Jetpack på VaultPress

Hosting i DK

Andre lande

WordPress hosting
Managed WordPress hosting
Fully managed WordPress hosting


Fully managed WordPress Hosting  
31 kr./mrd. (2019)

Managed WordPress Hosting  
Collaborators can be added.
1 website: 9.95 €/mo. (2019)
Unlimited Websites 17.95 €/mo. and 29.95 €/mo.
SiteGround review  
Speed: Fast.

Speed: Fast. 
BoldGrid and Jetpack
1 website: 8 usd/mo. (2019)
Unlimited Websites, 30 USD/mo.

Managed Hosting

Cloudways WordPress hosting (7 usd/mrd 1/3-17)
Unlimited Applications ...

DreamHost, 20 usd/month (1/2-16)

Godaddy (62 kr./mrd. d. 1/3-17). ...

(15 usd/mrd. og multisite  40 usd/mrd. d. 1/3-17).
Flywheel’s one-click restores ...
Review: ... 

Pantheon - WordPress og Drupal hosting
(Pris fra 25 usd/mrd, d. 1/3-17).
Hosting infrastructure with Containers

WP Engine vs. Pantheon
Pantheon is ideally suited for professional developers while WP Engine is great for WordPress users

WP Engine (Fra 29 usd/mrd 1/3-17)

Savvii Wordpress hosting
(Priser  d. 1/3-17: Fra 11 € og 29 € med restore)
Er anbefalet af YOAST.
One click restore, Varnish ...

Siteground Wordpress, 8 /month
Unlimited Sub and Parked Domains ...

Hosting anbefalet af
Bluehost, DreamHost, Flywheel og SiteGround



Fully managed

Pressable platform 
Fully managed WordPress hosting
30 sites, $ 135/mo (2019)


Review Signal  - Web hosting reviews

WordPress-hosting performance-benchmarks ... 

WP Benchmarks

WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks (2018) ... 
WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks (2015)
Top tier: A Small Orange,  Kinsta, LightningBase, Pagely, Pantheon, Pressidium, PressLabs. ...